Self Portrait — Oh no!!

Paula Bead


A while back all the girls in my glass group were doing goddess beads. I do like them but not my thing to make I thought I would give it a try. Well, it really turned into my self portrait. :-)








I was in a glass challenge and asked to do a self portrait.  Well the first thing that came to mind was my goddess but not wanting to bare my bead. I came up with this big brown eye with grey hair dots.

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6 responses to “Self Portrait — Oh no!!

  1. Love the self portraits! I especially love your eye bead!

  2. Your goddess is great! Been meaning to try those myself.

  3. OMG! I love the goddess bead. I think it really looks like me though!

  4. LOL Kelly

    Thanks for the compliments :-)

  5. Hi,

    Is the self portrait the one on top or down ? :-)

    Kind regards,

    José :-)

  6. I was thinking you made my portrait. Maybe we are twins. She’s beautiful as are you!

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