Sweet childish days that were as long, as twenty days are now.  ~ William Wordworth

I saw that quote and I remember those days. I can’t believe how fast my days go into months and then into seasons. Somehow we need to slow time down, but how do we do that?

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  1. Paula, The sunflower is lovely, the thought even more so. I sure wish I could slow my aging, my dad’s aging, and find more time to treasure my family. Oh, and create jewerly and art. 🙂

  2. Paula, They say time goes more quickly as we age. A few years ago I started worrying about our youth because I think time is passing them by faster than it did for us. Twenty years ago my students would say how slowly the school year passed, now so many comment on how quickly the end came. Sad. Loved those long, endless summers daydreaming, cloud gazing, and sprinkler hopping.

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