A Gift

I had one of life’s rewards tonight when this little girl now a young lady 31 called after 24 years. Nicole lived in New York City and was in a program called Fresh Air Kids and she came to our home in the country for two weeks each summer when we lived in rual Bradford, Pa.  We shared so many memories and tears this evening. Thank You Nicole, your call this evening was a gift

5 Comments on “A Gift

  1. What a wonderful surprise that must have been Paula. You must have made a big impression on her life all those years ago!

  2. Yes, both Pauline and Craig made a great impression on my life. They were missing links in my life, now I feel complete. They both hold a special place in my heart- I love them like my own parents and look forward to my children getting to meet the two people who treated mommy so good as a child.

    extra note: Pauline, could you have Craig check his email? I sent you both a picture two days ago

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