Fire on the Mountain in Asheville, NC

WOW…my first workshop was with Brad Pearson and Trey Cornette. It was an over whelming experience. The Fire on the Mountain workshop was hosted by Marjorie Langston and Terry Hale and was at A Touch of Glass in Asheville, NC. I met a lot of wonderful talented artists so willing to share and help each other. A big thank you to each and every one of you for answering all my questions and letting me look over your shoulder. 


We had a big surprise Saturday afternoon Trey’s Dad, Billy Cornette and Betty Vornbrock of Reed Island Rounds came and entertained us with “Old Time Mountain String Band Music”


If you like “Old Time Mountain String Band Music” I highly recommend their CD “Hand Me Downs”


Thank you to Marjorie, Terry, Trey, Brad, Billy, Betty and Gary (owner of A Touch of Glass Studio) I had a wonderful time and will be back. Also want to thank Mountain Glass Arts for coming over donating all the special glass.

 To see more pictures of the workshop check out my Flicker.

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