Mastiff or Pug?


Some one requested a Pandora Pug bead.  I have always loved Pugs they have a big dog attitude in a little body.  I told Craig that one day I would own a little dog, maybe even a Pug….he laughed at me.

hmmm do you think I can go from this to a Pug?


6 Comments on “Mastiff or Pug?

  1. Oh bless that Henry! What a face, he’s such a darling! I confess I have a love of little dogs too, because (don’t laugh), their personalities remind me so much of the pet rats we used to have. I call them all ‘rat’ dogs – if ever I had a dog it would be a little one! Not to say that Henry isn’t just totally adorable – he’s just not a ‘rat’ dog!
    Your bead is looking great, I wouldn’t know where to start with a pug!

  2. You gave me a good laugh! Maybe Henry needs a little pug as a new buddy.

  3. I went from a male fawn pug to a 175 pound fawn Engish Mastiff! :~)

    What an adorable photo!

  4. I think Henry will be my last English Mastiff we’ve had 6 Mastiffs two being English. Our first Mastiff was named Reggie 🙂 he was a sweetheart.

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