May’s Giveaway



You can win this necklace and earring set.

Here is the deal leave a comment  and  link so we can check out your blog, website or shop.

Drawing will be on June 1, 2009 and June’s giveaway will be announced.

12 Comments on “May’s Giveaway

  1. Hi Paula – I’m so pleased you posted a link to your blog on FB! Fabulous set & of course I’d love to be in for a chance to win it.

    I’m all for increasing ‘readership’ too.

    I like to blog about my adventures with glass & flame, misadventures with family & pets, friends from around the world & fun finds on the net at ‘ FireBird Flamework aka

  2. What a gorgeous set, Paula! I love your vibrant colors. I love to blog about my beads, and my family and all the silly things we do. Visit me anytime and read some of the back issues for crazy antics my grandkids and kids have been up to. Or just visit to check out my latest beads.

  3. beautifull colors……i like to show whats goin on in my creative world of fibers, knitting, artdolls , beads and drawing….stop by ure always welcome

  4. Another lovely set Paula! My poor blog is suffering at the moment, need to get back to it.

  5. I’m all for a good read and shameless promotion Paula!

    Did I mention I love reading your blog?

    OK so I don’t always blog about glass (check out my post on Attack of the Killer Cornflake :

    Plus I am a huge fan of your doggies…

    Did I mention I love reading your blog????

    Off to take my meds now!

  6. Hey, Paula, I have linked you to my blog. I want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I mean, may the best person win. (I just hope it’s me!) Did I say that? No, really, I MEAN IT, I REALLY MEAN IT, I DO! May the BEST PERSON (me?) win! rofl

  7. What a beautiful set, I can’t believe your giving it away! Wow! Ok, so here I am – throwing my hat into the mix ;-D I will link to your blog from mine:
    Thank you, thank you!!

  8. Paula that is a gorgeous set! Wow.. would love to win it.I love the colors!
    I always enjoying coming to your blog because there is so much fun things to see and read about! I wish I could do as good a job as you.. my blog has just been started over and hopefully I can get going again…. stop by when you can. this is the link

  9. Hi Paula,

    That set is just beautiful. I can see those as being mine LOL. I hope they come to my home.

    Your site here is just full of beautiful pictures of your home, doggies, and beads. I love to come over here and seeing the new updates.

    I don’t have a webpage or blog per say, but I have included my link to my Road Runner personal page and my email addy.

    Can’t wait till the drawing.


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