Cricket vs. Mini CC


Over the winter I went from using a Hot Head torch to my first oxygen and propane torch. The first torch I purchased was the Glass Torch Technologies (GTT) Cricket, yes I did say first. Anyway, I became frustrated not being able to do the sculpture work that I like doing. The flame was defined and really hot to me coming from the Hot Head. After doing some more research and chatting with Carlisle Mini CC owners I decided that I needed a Mini CC. The Mini was everything I was looking for to do my sculpture dogs…nice soft radiant heat with a slightly bushy flame. I have now gone back to the Cricket and we are becoming friends. But a very different relationship my comparison and the way I think of them is the Cricket being hot & fast and the Mini CC being slow and tender to the glass.


One other thing I learned while chatting with many lampworkers is that you’re always looking at what your next torch will be….hmmm Bobcat, Lynx, Cheetah, Barracuda, Hellcat, Wildcat, Mega Minor or the Red Max OK I can still daydream can’t I ? 🙂

3 Comments on “Cricket vs. Mini CC

  1. Interesting post Paula and very useful for someone who’s torch shopping! I love my Mega Minor but would like to see the flame of the mini cc to see how they compare. I’m guessing they are similar but who knows?

    Yes, who’d have thought that we’d ever be dreaming of torches eh?

  2. Try that again! It’s me! I’m beginning to wish I’d never told dh about blogs! It’s all getting way to complicated knowing who’s signed in where and for what!

  3. This post is too funny! i just upgraded last December as well and i almost bought that exact same torch (sparkly purple cricket)!

    I instead went with the Mega Minor for the same reason – the flame is nice and soft and not overly intense – perfect for sculptural work.

    At this point i find the Mega flame a bit narrow for beads beyond 2.5″ but since i’m only on 0ne 5lpm concentrator i figured i’d try it on two concentrators before deciding to upgrade… we’ll see. I’m heading to Nortel next weekend so hopefully i can test things there.

    btw, i’d love to see the MiniCC flame in action too. (Hi Louise!)

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