OMG May is gone!


Time to regroup and see where my days are going. Looking back over the month of May I’ve not been very productive at the torch. The one thing I did make were some funny faces for Beads of Courage. I’ve made about 30 of these funny faces and that did bring me a lot of joy this month.


5 Comments on “OMG May is gone!

  1. I can’t take it anymore. I have never felt sooooooooo excited about looking at your work!!!

  2. Thanks Yoki I did not spend a lot of time making these, but I think the BOC kids will like them.

  3. Paula, These are wonderful. The kids will love them and relate to them so well. I’m sure they will bring many smiles to their faces.

  4. You are leagues ahead of me Paula, my pile is getting bigger and bigger on the counter but not getting any nearer to being packaged up. I need to get shifting on it, focus on some purple hearts or something and just DO IT!
    Your faces are great, kids big and small are sure to get lots of smiles from them!

  5. Thanks, it really does give me joy watching my BOC jar fill up. Before I pack them up I make sure they are clean check them for any sharp edges, but mostly I think about the children getting them.

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