June is going to have TWO winners.

First of all congratulations to Mallory (Rosebud101) for winning last month’s giveaway.

Here’s the deal just leave a comment and win one of these fun summer earrings.  Can’t be any easier.


16 Comments on “June is going to have TWO winners.

  1. rooty tooty fresh and fruity! herre I go again. I only wish I had the space to do lampwork.

  2. Them earrings are beautiful. I would love to be entered.

  3. I am loving those earrings! count me in.. 🙂 Diane

  4. Do I see my name on one of those pairs of earrings? Keeping fingers XXXd. They are absolutely beautiful.

    Sign me up!

  5. you are always an inspiration! The green swirls are classic and the yellow florals are a summer statement! happy creating! Allison

  6. I have only recently discovered your work but it is just beautiful. Those green beads are beautiful.

  7. Love Love Love your work! Please enter me in your giveaway, Im going to also subscribe and list you on my top 10 blog list on my blog (and give my husband the link to your store for Birthday hints for me) ~Jes

  8. Love your new earrings, the yellow flower ones are so sweet. Is this where I say pick me, pick me 🙂

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