New member of the family – Meet Homer

DSCF0014It’s only been two days but we can tell size does not matter. Homer the new member of our family weights 33 pounds and already is being the alfa dog. Henry is a English Mastiff and known to be called gentle giants. Henry will go out of his way to avoid confrontation even if it takes leaving his favorite toy, his blue ball. We saw Home on our local news channel WLOS where they have pet pals a feature for adoptable pets.

Homer came from the Asheville Humane Society and he was one of the favorites at the shelter.


I want to thank everyone at the shelter for being so kind and helping all the homeless pets.


5 Comments on “New member of the family – Meet Homer

  1. Poor Henry! He loves that blue ball. 🙂 Homer is a very lucky dog to have found you. Love the bottom picture where the size difference is evident.

  2. I’m glad to hear Homer is making his place in the family – hopefully poor Henry won’t let him be the boss all the time!

    Homer probably wonders what on earth has happened to make his life change so wonderfully!

  3. LOL it’s not as wonderful as he would like he starting to think….. “darn, they have rules”

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