Sadie, Sissy, Sweet Pea, so sweet you were.

If you follow my blog you know Sadie was diagnosed last summer with cancer. This past week I could see Sadie did not care for the joys in her life, it was becoming too much of an effort.  Once again we had to make a hard painful decision for Sadie. A friend told me the other day I know she loved you for making this decision.

I’ve been thinking of some of the dogs we’ve had and all the different personalities, Mitch was the caring one, Caine the royal one, Reggie was a true companion, Sport was loyal, and I could go on, but Sadie was the sweet one. One of her many nick names was Sweet Pea.

She was a Bullmastiff and a breeder told me once that anything over 8 years are bonus years with these big breeds. Well, we had wonderful bonus years with Miss Sadie, she was 10 last December.

Sissy you are missed, and we are thankful for all the wonderful memories.

12 Comments on “Sadie, Sissy, Sweet Pea, so sweet you were.

  1. Paula……big Huggies to you and yours! So sorry to hear about Sadie…but our payment for the unconditional love they give us for years is to do exactly as you did. Bless you Sadie may you be romping and playing with all the loved fur babies that went before you!


  2. Paula, I know what a hard decision that was. We will all miss seeing pictures of her. What a wonderful life she had with you all. Hugs from Duke, Sueze and Fred.

  3. Sweet Sadie, You will be missed. You’ve left a lot of love and memories behind so you will never be forgotten.

    Paula, You were a wonderful mama to Sadie. Sending you hugs and love along with gentle tears that are in my eyes letting you know how much I care.

  4. I’m thinking of you Paula, I’m sure it was an agonising decision but the best one for sweet Sadie.

    Safe journey Sadie, may you run free and with joy.


  5. Oh Pauline, I am so sorry to hear about Sadie. I know that had to be a super hard decision but Sadie is in no pain now. It’s not going to be the same. Love you and let me know if there is anything I can do.

  6. Did not think I could cry more tears, but all your special comments are so heart warming…thank you.

  7. Sadie sure was a sweet girl. That “one tooth” expression was priceless! Mike and I have many memories of her. Mike’s favorite is when she would sit next to him on the couch for him to rub her “ninnies”. Oh how we do miss our babies when it’s their time to leave us. A piece of our hearts go with them and the pain is so raw. Those unfortunate enough not to know the real, unconditional love of a pet are missing a very important aspect of life. You and Craig are in our thoughts and prayers and we love and miss you.

    • Thanks Deb she sure did love her as you say “ninnies” rubbed 🙂
      Still can’t bring myself to sit on the couch and have morning coffee.

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