It’s not a New Year’s Resolution!

I started Weight Watchers online December 28, I wanted to start before the New Year, I did not want to jinx my weight loss since I’ve NEVER kept a New Year’s resolution.  I love the online version of Weight Watchers and their new PointPlus plan and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 10 pounds. Many of you who follow my blog know that one of my joys is cooking and with the WW plan I can still cook and create tasty dishes. I still plan on blogging about food recipes but now will be doing a low calorie, healthier version of my favorite foods.

I think one of my favorite meals is breakfast and can really eat it any time of day.  Today’s breakfast was one of my favorite, it has BACON yes  I said bacon!

½ cup egg beaters 60 calories, 3 strips 40% lean bacon (Gwaltney) 60 calories, slice of low fat cheese 50 calories,  Tortilla 71 calories, ½ Orange 40 calories, catsup 20 calories, totaling 301 calories or 5 points on WW PointsPlus (if you are doing WW calculate your points they could be different then mine depending on product)

You can always substitute bacon with turkey breakfast sausage or Canadian bacon add some onions, peppers, top with salsa….like I said it’s my favorite breakfast.

TIP: I love tortillas but don’t like them soggy so I take the tortilla and LIGHTY brown both sides in a non-stick skillet  before making my wrap.

6 Comments on “It’s not a New Year’s Resolution!

  1. Congratulations Paula. I’ve wondered how the online WW works. Your breakfast looks delicious.

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss! I too, joined Weight Watchers, but am going to the meetings instead of online. I tried online a couple of years ago, but I found I needed more “moral support”. Looks like a delicious breakfast too – my favorite meal!

  3. Hi Pauline,
    Remember me, we slung hash together? Gerhard and I have been chuckling and enjoying your pictures and videos of the castle and the babies (and recipes!!) – what a hoot! Gerhard told me your house is georgeous and where we swam is now your living room. It has been a while and I look forward to seeing you all some time soon. Unfortunately the US government has been giving Gerhard a really hard time but things will go his way because they are wrong and they will permit him entry again. I absolutely love your glass works and think I will treat myself so I am off to browsing….keep up the great work! Regards, Colette and Gerhard. PS…Your not making that WW look so easy with those recipes – Gerhard has gained 75lbs due to inactivity due to his health and I am no twiggy either but together we are trying to get more healthy for the new year…..but he does want me to make one of those buttermilk cakes…lol!

  4. Thanks everybody the diet is going good and has been easier then expected.

    Colette and Gerhard, Of course I remember you Colette ;o) So glad you and Gerhard are enjoying my blog, I had a lot of fun with it. Let me know how Gerhard likes the buttermilk cake they are so easy to make and tasty. Thanks for shopping at my Etsy shop. Pauline

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