Dollars for Dogs – Cash for Canines

A lot of you follow my blog and me on Facebook and realize that my pets are a big part of my life. I can’t ever remember not having animals and pets in our home. I say animals because when growing up my Mother took in pets that other people could no longer keep or want. We had dogs, cats, a racoon, monkey, many birds both tropical and wild that she would hand feed until they could fend for themselves.  This past year my husband and I  rescued two dogs that now live the good life here on the island. I would love to help more, so I have decided to donate one dollar for each sale I have in my IslandTop Gems Etsy Store.  So  Twitter, Facebook, tell a friend, tell everyone 🙂  So far I have sold 42 tags, and will donate 42.00 to the American Bullmastiff Association Rescue this month.




This is a custom tag I made for a dog named Milkshake.






Pixie being a

real Divia


Thanks to Pixie and Sox’s Mom for getting them a little BLING.



Sox having fun

at the beach.

2 Comments on “Dollars for Dogs – Cash for Canines

  1. Paula! Your work is delightful and so well done! I can hardly wait for you to finish the bracelet that combines my daughter’s dog tags with her bracelet!!! Thanks

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