Southern Living Magazine

I was very fortunate to have one of my dog tags featured in August issue of Southern Living Magazine. Each month they have a section  “Pride of Place” “Made By Southern Hands” and August theme was “Dog Days of Summer” WOW little did I know the over whelming response my tag would have.  Not only in orders but meeting great people with wonderful stories about their loved pets.  In the future I will be sharing some of these “Happy Tails” with you.

I also want to thank everyone that has taken the time to look at my blog and send me wonderful comments on my pups, tags and recipes.

7 Comments on “Southern Living Magazine

  1. Hi Stranger! So happy for you!! What a cool page to frame. Yes, you need to hang it on a wall. Guess this explains the newbie absence, but glad it is for such a wonderful reason.

  2. Congratulations Paula!! miss you on the newbie thread but also realise how hard it is to make time for everything. Looks like you have found your calling with your dog tags 😀

  3. Pauline! My friend is staying on “the island” and Craig filled her in about your tags so I pulled out my August issue of SL(after she called me to tell me all about it) and they are wonderful! Congrats. I may have to order a couple for our 2 babies!!

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