I’ve joined with Bree of Freya’s Studio for this giveaway. 

It’s simple leave a comment telling us something about your furbaby and you can win a collar from Freya’s Studio Etsy Shop  (a $15.00 value) and a custom tag ($18.00 value) from my shop IslandTop Custom Tags.

On November 15th I will randomly pick a winner and announce the winner by posting their comment here on my blog. The winner will also get an email from Bree and myself.  So leave us a comment and your furbaby could win some BLING for the holidays.


  1. My fur-baby Duke has one of your first dog tags and managed to loose it so I don’t know if he deserves another one but I loved it so much I’d really love him to have another one and the collar is super cool also and would look really good on him. For those that don’t know Duke is our 5 year old English Springer Spaniel that we adore. He give great kisses to all who will let me that close 😀

  2. My first, my favorite Ace (a Golden Retriever) taught me everything about what it means to be a dog lover. I never had a dog before him and I thank him for being such a good teacher!

  3. My little Riley would love some new bling!!! 😉 It’s so funny how she will prance around when she gets a new collar. hehe

    Thank you for the chance! Take care!

    lisagoneaussie (at)

  4. My wife and I were in the process of buying a house when we walked into a puppy store to JUST LOOK. We wanted a Great Dane and did not think we would find one there, well we were wrong and it cost us 8 weeks prior to closing on our house. I sold my Xbox 360 and we were not sure if we would get our new home but we did have a new buddy well she is now 9 months old and better than any video game I have ever played, she turns a stressful day of work into a joyful day when I get home, This is my Sophie our Great Dane she as well as us are enjoying our new home together!

    • Congrads on both Sophie and your new home. You’ll have a lot of fun and so many stories to tell about Sophie as she grows and becomes a part of your family.

  5. I have 2 miniature doxies and they are spoiled rotten, of course! Angel, is just that, an angel. I got her as a puppy, she’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever had and loves everyone she meets. Boudreaux is my Black & Tan Miniature Dachshund. He was a surrender dog. His previous family had young children and he started biting their son, so they couldn’t keep him. He was very skiddish, snappy and angry when we got him. I think he must have had his ears pulled on, because he doesn’t like anyone messing with his ears or
    his neck. He has evolved into a little sweetheart, although he still doesn’t like children very much. There is nothing so sweet as the unconditional love of a a dog.

    • Wonderful to hear that Bougreaux ( his name is as long as he is 😉 ) has loving home that understands him….and you are right there is no love or devotion then what a dog gives.

  6. My granddog, Paisley, is a golden retriever and she loves me. Every time I go over to our daughter’s home she comes to me right away and snuggles up and wants some petting. I give it to her even tho’ her mom is trying to get Paisley to sit down or leave ‘Grandma alone’ – I always tell Paisley that I like giving her love…..her big eyes droop with big thank you’s and then she lays down on her back and and I run under her arms and then back to her forhead and under her chin…..I love Paisley…..and I would be thrilled to be able to give her a new collar for Christmas and a tag to go with……This is a wonderful blog….love the name of it too – b/c my name is Pauline and I get Paula, sometimes, and Paulina other times….

    Thank you for listening to me ramble….I’m a very proud grandma of 7 grandchildren and 2 granddogs…..

    • Ramble all you like. 😉 I can imagine with 7 grandchildren and 2 granddogs that you have lots of stories. By the way, family call me Paul, friends call me Paula and when growing up I knew I was in trouble when my Mum called me Paulina.

  7. My furbaby, Folly! Westie? Oh yes she is and she fits the personality. She talks back if she doesn’t like what you command, especially when Grandma comes over and Daddy’s home. She shakes so much because he keeps her “in check” because Grandma’s old and can’t have her legs scratched. She’s such a chicken that if you step on a leaf that she gets spooked and can’t finish her business. But, when she want affection, which is all the time, I just hold her in my arms and tell her you are mommy’s girl. It’s such a great feeling loving!

    • I see Folly in your avatar picture, she is so pretty and so white. We have a chicken dog also, it’s funny to see a 180 dog (Henry or Mastiff) be affaid of a leaf that just does not look right to him.


  9. Here’s a great furbaby story: my dog Gristle (standard Rat Terrier) knows a million commands and polices the tub for errant insects to grub out every morning. However, she had to teach ME that she knew when a tomato hornworm was marauding in my garden. The first few times she used her signal (intense staring and then leading me to the object of her attention), I thought it was merely coincidental that she nosed out a hornworm which I would then drop on the ground for her to smear into oblivion for my praise. I’m not the sharpest pet owner, apparently, as I thought the training process only worked on her! She also is the dangdest best technical cliff-climbing hiking companion in the world.
    Luv ya Gris!

    • It’s funny how they teach us, I always say now who is the smart one. 😉 She deserves some extra treats for keeping those worms out of the garden.

  10. I got here fom Bree’s Blog! I love Bree’s collars and would LOVE some bling to go with one! I’m usually so practical that my 2 girlies typically wear “regular” collars with emergency information tags only. BUT…my Holly recently won a new collar at one of our agility trials and I was hooked…she looks AWESOME in so many colors and styles that how could I have just one collar anymore? So, what would be better than adding some awesome bling to the current collar collection I’m working on 😉 New obsessions…I love em!

  11. My fur kids are Freya and Pyper. Pyper is our “old” dog. He definitely has some Bassett in him, along with something with wild, long, and curly-in-spots black and white hair (unless he’s sporting his summer cut – then he looks like a different dog entirely.) He is calm, sweet, and loves treats, belly rubs, c-a-r rides, and chasing squirrels. Our younger dog, Freya, is a Norwegian Buhund. She loves snuggles on the sofa, chasing anything that moves, eating apples, and barking and running in circles. She was bred to herd sheep and cows. Lacking those (we live in town), she’s happy to run in circles around the ever-patient Pyper, who eventually will lie down and doze off. She also tries to herd our cat, Pirate Annie. Hilarity ensues. Either of my pups would look great in one of those new collar and tag combos. All the kids at the doggie day care will be soooo jealous!

    • Funny, those herding dogs. We have friends that have one and people jog down their street and if he is out he will try to herd them. With a cat named Pirate Annie there has to be a story. ;o)

  12. I have 3 rescued golden retrievers….one was a typical ‘adoption’ the other 2 were my foster failures! But of the 3, my female fur-baby “Brandi” is more like me than any 2 legged child I could have ever had….and through her own canine struggles, she has taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life…..”always live in the moment”

  13. My beloved pup Mal, is nearly more than 15 years old. He’s definitely slowed down, but he still has a sparkle in his eye. Sometimes he even has a spring in his step, especially when he thinks we’re going somewhere in the car or on foot.

    I call him a “third-world dog” because he’s the size and shape of dogs you see all over the world. I love my muttly.

  14. I have three rescue dogs. One blind, one deaf, and one tri-pawed! We love to play ball and frisbee at the park and train tricks and obedience!

  15. My fur baby Maui is a great puppy. He is always by my side and has helped me recover from cancer treatment. He is a American Staffordshire and has opened my eyes to the perils of breed specific legislation. Maui loves living in Florida riding on the boat and living the Salt Life 🙂 Maui deserves some cool bling. Thanks

  16. Who knew a puppy could completely have her people wrapped around her tiny paw? It’s really ridiculous! Our furbaby Bristol is a Coton de Tulear, and she wears Bling from Island Top Designs. She was honored to be the Bling Poster Girl! She is 6 months old now and would enjoy having collars and Bling tags for wardrobe changes.

  17. I recently purchased 4 of your dog tags for my 2 dogs and a friends dogs and needless to say they are ALL loved! I love your style and love that it adds a uniqueness to our dog’s outfits (collars) each day! Thank you for being so awesome!

    • Thank you Rebecca I love making pet tags, but most of all I enjoy all the people and their furbabies I have met online.

  18. We are eagerly awaiting our tag. We ordered a week ago – but live in Tasmania (another island at quite some distance) so I guess that we still have a while to wait. Byron will be a proud puppy with the personalised tag!

  19. I ordered 2 of your dog tags for our pups, unfortunately when they arrived, one of our dogs had just died but I now have a very sweet remembrance of “Doc” (our English Setter) on my keyring and have gotten several comments on it. Riley (our Irish Setter) would love to have another tag, in fact, he’s gotten a new fashionable collar befitting his status as a new low country boy and I was planning on ordering another one or two anyway.

    • Sorry for you loss of Doc, it’s never easy….some one once told me that grief is the price we pay for love. So Riley is a low county boy, 🙂 give him lots of belly rubs.

  20. Beautiful tags! We have two new pups from a shelter…Mastiff mix littermates. They are so intelligent and loving, and already housebroken at 5 months old. We are smitten! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Momo absolutely loves her new tag. Put in on her this morning and got slathered with kisses. Went out visiting and everybody was so impressed. Would love some bling.

  22. My husband & I are in our late 60s with no prospects of grandchildren, so for Christmas 2009 we decided to get a puppy. Were we out of our minds??? During our younger years we always had rescues but there was something about Aussies we were drawn to … hence our 2 year old Murphy, a 65# character. He really keeps us on our toes and loving life. He is big brother to our brother & sister cat rescues Petey & Pandy who frequently find themselves objects of Murph’s herding instincts. We have a 2nd home on Hatteras Island where Murphy strolls the beach and frolics in the surf, a true Carolina “Salty Dog.” He proudly wears his bling and doesn’t like it when his collar is taken off. As a Blue Merle, we looks soooo good in your design and would love another one as well as one of those awesome collars!

    • 🙂 herding Petey and Pandy, yep I would guess they don’t care for that. Glad to hear that Murphy is look’n good in his bling. 😉

  23. I live on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. I have 3 dogs ~ Tank(a Doberman), Harley(a minature doxie) and Pixie(a Chihuahua). I got Pixie off of Craigslist and have actually caught some flack for doing so. She is a beautiful 7 year old girl who really did need a home. I also feed what has become a colony of cats outside and of course I provide shelter also. Animals are such a nice compliment to living. I appreciate the fact that our our creator designed them with such elegance.

    • I could not imagine life with my pets, they bring us so much joy. Glad to hear you got Pixie and gave her a good home.

  24. We added a parti colored Yorkshire terrier to our pack last spring and Sophie – the former “baby” of the pack – found herself the middle Yorkie. A new collar and bling would truly make her feel special again. It would reassure her that in the world’s eyes – she still is Queen of the pack!

  25. I have a mini Doxie named Heidi. I adopted her at 7 mos. old from a woman that didn’t have time for her. She is the sweetest, prettiest , most loveable little dog.She is always by my side & sleeps under the covers behind my knees. We go everywhere together. She especially likes going to the dog park & taking her canine friends with her too. I let her have sleep overs with her friends too. She loves wearing what everI put on her, sweaters, coats, dresses. bandanas & costumes. We are both holiday people. Can’t wait to see Santa & get a photo of Heidi with him. He leaves a special stocking for her on christmas eve after pet night with Santa himself as the honored guest. Life with my little girl is wonderfull.

    • I think Heidi has the “good life” and good for her. I would love to see her holiday picture with Santa. Happy Holiday’s to both you and Heidi!

  26. On July 7th my life was forever changed. I was given the opportunity to save the lives of two beautiful dogs. I was very intimidated and wondering if I would have the time and could handle this challenge. Bernie (Clyde) looked at me with a look that was very intimidating to me and was not quite sure if I could trust him.
    Four months has flown by and I can’t say one thing Clyde has ever done “wron…g” That is one of the reasons I wanted him adopted so badly. He is a perfect example of “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” As you all know I have fallen in love with Clyde and after a long and careful deliberation I have decided I have found my forever love. I cannot imagine a better big foster brother!!!!
    I am still fostering 3 additional dogs…..

    • It’s wonderful that you foster dogs, I would be a foster failure also. It’s a good thing that I have an understanding hubby, I’ve always had a houseful of pets.

  27. My sweet mastiff Stella would love some bling. We love love ur work its really beautiful. She is a big brendle mastiff and every1 thinks she’s a boy dog. If Stella was a person she would be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde Stella is such a girlie girl and thinks she is a little princess so you can imagine her surprise when people think or treat her like a boy dog. Lol

    • 🙂 we had the same problem with our Bullmastiff Sadie, every one thought she was a boy….so I got her a big pink collar. Then people would say, Oh she is a big girl.

  28. I adopted my HONEY in July and she is such a great friend! She has learned to walk to the left, sit, shake, and roll over. She loves to sit in a chair “with me” which is very crowded since she is 62 pounds. She loves to play catch with me too. I am so glad to have Honey in my life!

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