Big Guy, I sure do miss you!

Henry you were a big guy both in size and personality.

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I’ll share one story about Henry. It took Henry a few obedience classes to finally come home with a basic training certificate.  At one point Gail the trainer gave us an assignment sheet to go home and work on over the summer and give Henry some time to mature.  At the top of the sheet it said.  “Henry English Mastiff with Jack Russell attitude” , well he never matured and never lost that Jack Russell attitude, he was to the last day a puppy at heart with lots of energy.

Miss you, big guy.

31 Comments on “Big Guy, I sure do miss you!

  1. So sorry to hear of your loss. Remember all the fun times with your beloved pup. Thinking of you from Chrissy, Bella and Boxer, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Sorry for your loss. Remember the love he gave you. Thinking of you from karen, mocha and Bailey. Christchurch, New Zealand.

  3. Sorry for your loss. From the pictures, Henry looks like he loved life with a big personality. Reminds me of my good friend’s great dane…

  4. Paula i’m sitting here crying and watching Henry’s life pass by. Hugs to you and hubby. I’m sure the rest of the gang will miss him also.

    • Sueze,I know you loved Henry and all the funny stories I told about him. I could go on and on with Henry stories. I will always have those stories.

  5. Dear Paula I have no words that can make your heart heal any faster, or the tears dry up! Just know that you gave a great dog a wonderful life and in return he gave you love everyday of his life! What a blessing for both of you! Huggies my friend I am so very sorry for you and your family!! Love ya…..Dilly

  6. Paula, I’m so sorry about Henry also. How I loved seeing his pool adventures, pictures of him carrying that silly ball around, and stories of his antics. Sending you a warm virtual hug. Miss you!

    • Thank you Maggie, he sure did love that ball. When people would come over the first thing he would have to do is go get his ball and show them.
      Miss you the old days of WC also.

  7. So sorry to hear of Henry’s passing. Love and hugs from Australia

  8. Henry was a delightful Prince from the day we first met him until we say so-long.

    • I remember that first night we had him and you guys came over and help us with a name. As a puppy he love the name Henry, and when going to puppy training he always got compliments on name recognition.

    • I know you can understand the empty heart feeling, having just gone through this yourself. Thank you for your comment.

  9. Hugs…he was very much a part of many lives. The stories you shared made him just a part of the group.

    • Deronda, I miss the days of WC also. You guys were a big part of my success in lampworking and selling online. I still feel that I was very lucky to have met so many wonderful people and will always remember the things we shared.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about Henri’s passing. You and your husband have lost your precious boy. Your tags are so beautiful and I’m going to order one for myself in memory of my precious doberman, Sarah, who passed on 6/11/10. She was my best friend & my pride and joy!
    With heartfelf sympathy, Leslie

    • Losing a pet is never easy they give us so much love and friendship, but our hearts will heal with wonderful memories. Thank you for your comment.

  11. We are so sorry for your loss. Can he he was quite a character from his photos!

  12. We’re so sorry, he looks like a very loved (& loving) pup.

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