My Menagerie

Let me tell you a little about myself. I met my husband in Key Largo, Fl. where I grew up and we have been married for 30 years. The most rewarding and challenging time in our lives was when we lived in Western Pennsylvania and were foster parents for 14 years. Together we have owned and operated two successful restaurants. Retired now from the restaurant business I help my husband with his real estate business and manage rental property in Western North Carolina.


All of my life I’ve love doing arts and crafts. Through the years I’ve done it all, macramé, painted, knitted, and glass lampwork beads. A couple years ago I took a silversmith class and learned the basic steps to making jewelry.  One afternoon I decided to make my dogs some tags with some scrap pieces of copper I had laying around the studio. Happy with how they turned out I showed my friends and they went wild over them, showed them to my Facebook friends and the next thing I know I’m taking orders. Fast forward to now I’ve made thousands of tags and in love with the whole process from designing the tags to seeing the pictures of all the pets with their new tags.

I love the challenge of making special request tags, I’ve made a milkshake in a old fashion soda glass for a dog named Milkshake. I’ve made tags with chickens, birds, whale tails, martini glasses, wine bottles, dogs in boats and even a fighter jet plane. 

Our custom tags are sold at IslandTop Custom Tags

I have many loves and first and foremost is my husband Craig. Who has always been supportive and has put up with all my craziness over the years.  Now with that being said “my first love is Craig”.  I can not imagine life without my dogs.


Sadie (Bull mastiff) Craig (hubby) Henry (English Mastiff)

Miss Sadie passed away in April 2010


Ruby & Sidney taking a rest on top of their cages.


Tony and Sammatha we’re the cutiest kittens


Our Studio



New members of the family.

JUNE 2009

Homer new member of our family came to us from the

Asheville Humane Society.


Meet Katie

Nine month old Bullmastiff rescue

came to our home July 1, 2010 – Rainbow Bridge 3-2-2019



June 29, 2012 first day on the island.

Born April 25, 2012 ~ January 15, 2019

brody poolside
Love and miss you and you’ll always be our Baby Brody


Not sure who rescued who. Stella came to us after having two of our seniors pass. She has
brought so much energy and fun into our family. Rescued 3-11-2019

6 Comments on “My Menagerie

  1. Hi Pauline and Craig,

    Haven’t heard from you since Christmas time, hope all is going well. I enjoyed looking at all your great photos- check your email so you can see photos I sent you.

  2. You should write a book! Love the way you put words, pictures, and yourself(!) in your work! Makes me want to look often to see what’s new~

  3. Your Mastiff is beautiful. I had two Mastiffs and loved them so much. I now have a Saint Bernard rough coat bitch named Gypsy Rose Lee. Everyone thinks she is a male because she is so big. Huge head and perfect mask. I live alone so she is my sidearm. I named her after the famous stripper because she had long white legs as a year old pup but now she has filled out-I will order a tag. thanks

    • LOL I look forward to making a tag for Gypsy Rose Lee. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my babies.

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