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Big Guy, I sure do miss you!

Henry you were a big guy both in size and personality.

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I’ll share one story about Henry. It took Henry a few obedience classes to finally come home with a basic training certificate.  At one point Gail the trainer gave us an assignment sheet to go home and work on over the summer and give Henry some time to mature.  At the top of the sheet it said.  “Henry English Mastiff with Jack Russell attitude” , well he never matured and never lost that Jack Russell attitude, he was to the last day a puppy at heart with lots of energy.

Miss you, big guy.

Wonderful New Year Ahead of Us

Craig, myself and all our furbabies would like to thank you all for your support. Wishing you all a very beautiful New Year 2012!

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The Many Faces of Homer

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Happy Anniversary Katie

We rescued Kate one year ago with the help of American Bullmastiff Rescue.  She came to us weak and thin from a long battle with kennel cough and needed a lot of love.  She did not know what to think of Henry and Homer, wanted to be their friend but was so scared of Henry’s size and Homer always bossing her around. But now after one year she is the Queen of the house with Henry and Homer wanting her affection.

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Henry Growing Into His Mastiff Body

Henry at 12 weeks, 2 years & now 5 years old, gotta love him!

Come on Mom let’s go home.

Enough with the tags, put the hammer down, it’s past supper time.

White Christmas

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What could be more fun then a pile of leaves?

A pile of leaves with a Masitff playing hide and seek.

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Where is Homer??

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Come on Mom turn the heat up!!

You look’n at me?

You look’n at me?, originally uploaded by Islandtop.


What’s wrong with this picture?

Could it be Henry’s Bed?