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Small but MIGHTY!!

Going, Going, Gone

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In spirit she is still with us.

A dear friend Randy gave us a knock out rose bush in memory of Sadie. Our 10 year old Bullmastiff who passed away in April of cancer. We planted the rose bush by the studio where Sadie use to like to lay in the sun and watch for people passing by. This morning Katie was sitting right next to the rose bush…..we all got teary eyed. Now it seems to be Katie’s favorite place also, Sadie your spirit lives on in Miss Katie.

Meet Katie

Meet Katie she our 9 months old rescue Bullmastiff.  She has been a pretty sick little girl dropped off with her mother, sister and brother at a shelter in Alabama,  she  had kennel cough that turned into pneumonia. The American Bullmastiff Association Rescue took these guys from the kill shelter and have found homes for the two girls and hopefully will find forever homes for Mom and Katie’s brother soon.

Miss Katie when thought a long recovery,  she still has to gain some weight and build up strength, but that is a job we can do.

A special thank you to Scott and Christina for all they do for the Bullmastiff rescue, also want to thank Carol for helping with the transportation in getting Miss Katie to us….big HUGS to all.