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Dog Days of Summer.



Henry has figured out that there is a built in seat in the pool. Sorry Craig you will have to find a new place.

Henry and his Mom having fun.

Henry knows it time for a swim when he gets his life jacket on.

Henry’s bestest friend Randy


Nothing better then watermelon on a hot day.


Who cares about swimming and watermelon.



Ruby and I spent most of the afternoon outside. She loves to go for a walk and play in the rocks. I took this close up picture as she was preening herself.

I’m just being a Dog.

Being a DOG

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Sadie was a rescue dog and when we came home with her our friend Mike said, ” Well, Sadie you just won the lottery. That was 6 years ago and she has been a sweetie. She has many nick names and one of them is Sweet Pea.

Life is Good

Sadie Looking Pretty

 Life on the island is pretty good if you are a Mastiff

Sadie looking pretty and Henry after a hard day of playing.