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American Goldfinch

The beautiful yellow color of the American Goldfinch isone of the many things I enjoy about summer.

More Shrooms

It really must be all the heat and rain we have had this summer I have never seen so many mushrooms. Every morning we take a walk to the back yard just to see the mushrooms.

More pictures of the pups and mushrooms.

So many butterflies.

I don’t remember seeing so many butterflies in the years passed, they must be loving all the hot and humid weather we have been having.

Never Ending Studio Clean-Up

Lately it seems that I’m spending more time organizing and changing things around then actually getting any work done.  Craig has been very understanding, check out the great glass storage area he made for me.

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Playing with copper and gemstones.

Crazy Lace Agate is a cream, white, tan, gray and yellow-orange  semi-precious gemstone mined only in Mexico and therefore sometimes referred to as Mexican Lace Agate.

Morning mist Lake Lure, NC

Beautiful morning on the lake.

A few pictures I took this morning of the lake.

I love reflection of the lake early in the mornings.

The morning after the storm.

We’ve not had this much snow in years.

Snowed all day Friday could not see the mountains. It was fun until the electric went out in the evening. Thanks to the hard working electric crew we had our electric back on within 24 hours.

Crisp Autumn Morning

I know sometimes I complain about having to do our morning dog walks….all I want is a little quite time and have my coffee.  It’s hard to have quite time with 3 pups anxious for their walk.  Have to say this morning was an exceptional morning with the steam coming off the lake.  And now I can have that enjoyable cup of coffee….everyone is sleeping. 🙂