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Spring is around the corner.

Every March we have scullers come and practice here at the lake and a long with the Yellow Bells we know that spring is right around the corner.

Are you seeing signs of spring?



Snow in the mountains.


We’ve had a cold winter but this is our first snow in our area.

Gorgeous day on the island


Can’t believe we had a 40 degree weather change in 24 hours. I torched today with the doors open, played outside with Henry in a t-shirt and Ruby took a walk. While I was at the torch I noticed that it had gotten quiet no bird chatter. I looked around at my beading table Ruby’s favorite place to go when I’m not watching, but she was no where to be found in the studio. Ruby figured it was a nice day and she went for a walk she was outside playing in the gravel. (Not to worry she doesn’t fly, well not too often that’s another story.)

Fireboat on Lake Lure

WOW that is a lot of water coming from the fireboat. It was a nice day and the fireman where out on the lake, I guess making sure everything was working correctly.

Soon the mountains will be green, spring will be here and everybody will return to Lake Lure.

Quiet Times

The lake was like a mirror this morning.


We who live at Lake Lure full time enjoy the quiet after the holidays when everyone returns to their real jobs and lives.  Lake Lure, NC is a wonderful resort town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Look what I got for Christmas.


dsc04435smTime to show off my Christmas present a installed hood and a supper dupper exhaust fan. 

 What more could a girl want? More glass?

A big THANK YOU to Randy for helping install the hood.

Our First Snow.

Woke up to a chilly morning with a rainbow and snow flurries.

 We could see snow on top of the mountains. 

Our friend send me this picture this morning.


Spectacular sunset last night.

The smoke is starting to clear, I found out today that the fire was much larger then I had first heard 225 acres started by a lighting strike last week. The news said the fire is contained but we still see the helicopters taking buckets of water from the lake. What we really need is a few days/weeks of rain.

Summer Heat

While going for our walk yesterday afternoon I took this picture of the smoked filled gorge it made for an unusual sunset picture. Lighting struck close to Chimney Rock State Park earlier in the week and caused a small forest fire. The fire helicopters have been picking up large buckets of water from Lake Lure to put out the fire.











Snap, Crackle, Pop