IslandTop Custom Tags

Horse Bridle Bring

Making tags for horse bridles is new to me, I had a request and now have added them to my website.   I know nothing about horses other then I love going by a near by pasture and seeing them grazing, so large and so beautiful.

I’m always looking for new ideas if you have something you would like me to make I can be contacted through my website IslandTop Design

All hang’n soon to be shipped.

There are many steps to making BLING tags for your pet. This is one of the last steps before mailing.  Each tag is dipped in a protective sealer to keep the tag from tarnishing.

The Misses looks happy but I think George is having a bad day.

Elvis in a Tux

Does your pampered pet need a little BLING?

Design Your Own Tag

Adding more metal stamps everyday.

Design your own tag at IslandTop Gems

Bee designs it, I made it and Charlie wears it.

Bee from EarthquakeBee Etsy shop contacted me to make a tag for her dog Charlie who she named after Charlie Bird Parker.  Bee and I worked together on the tag,  she a talented artist designed Charlie’s tag.

…and the best is seeing Charlie with his new tag, don’t you agree he looks pretty debonair?

I’m having so much fun with special requests.

“Keepsake” bracelet also available at Islandtop Gems

Charles “Birdie”  Parker Tag

You would have to be a Harry Potter fan to understand the tag’s symbol below.