Children’s Story

Heni and Friends.sig

Everything was perfect!  He was going to his new home.  Of course, he had been raised for this event.  He was perfect in his physical form, and expected with age, to be quite handsome.  His new parents must have been told how very special he was.

Yes, they had been told, and they awoke that morning excited to be bringing to the family their new addition.  They were not sure how the current member of the family would receive the new born.  Sadie had been their good girl for so long, but now she needed a playmate to keep her company.  Should they all pile into the car, or leave Sadie at home?  Yes, they decided, they would leave her at home, with her toys, while they went to fetch her new playmate.

They drove to where they would meet, and be introduced, to their next adoptee. When they saw him they instantly fell in love.

Brindle & Fawn Puppies shot--8 weeks old

From the outside, his new home was beautiful.  The grounds were completely fenced in, so that he had plenty of room to roam and run about.  There was a wonderful view of Lake Lure, where he could sniff the fresh air and breeze that came off the lake.  Maybe best of all, was a swimming pool.  If he behaved, one day they might let him go into the pool!!  Yes, he liked it all.  He was, however, rather sad.  He had to leave his Mother, and his siblings behind.  He was happy, but so alone.

Not for long!!  There appeared in the door good girl Sadie.  They moved toward each other, sniffed, walked away, came together again, and sniffed some more.  They liked each other!


One day soon after, he was named Henri.  That name, of course, fitted his breeding.  He was named after King Henri the 8th, and he felt that he was entitled.  He was so impressed with himself, his new home, and his new name, that he simply misbehaved constantly.  It was off to obedience school!!!  He was not amused at this turn of events.  After all, he was an English Mastiff, with all the correct credentials, and they were treating him like a dog!!!  He went along with it so he could go home and play with Sadie.  He flunked what he had learned, and back he went again.  In fact, Henri was to flunk out-of-school four more times, until finally he knew that he had to behave.  He did not want to go to reform school any more!  So, he worked hard and even got a diploma!!


Good girl Sadie was a Bullmastiff.  She was smaller than Henri, but had a loving disposition.  Sadie would be petite at 135lbs. compared to Henri at 175 lbs, but she was able to show him his bad ways, and soon Henri and Sadie would play together, eat together, and sleep next to each other.  They were, indeed, a best brother and sister.


Growing up had been such fun!  Sadie and Henri always playing together. Henri even got a special treat.  A friend of the family, Randy, often visited.  He would take Henri into the pool and play with him.  Sadie had no interest, so Henri got all the attention.  Also, Henri learned a new trick.  If he hit his favorite ball with his nose, it would go down the drive and out of the gate.  Then someone in the family had to go after it and throw it back into the yard.  My, that was great fun. The food was also great.  Sadie and Henri had a night time snack of bones filled with peanut butter, or sweet potato.  When the domino group met at the house on Wednesday nights, Henri and Sadie could stay up late, and have a few extra bones.  No complains about growing up.  Henri and Sadie were beautifully spoiled rotten!!!


Then, life changed.  Sadie was getting older, and not up to “par”.  She had to sleep a bit more, but still life was good.  Until…… …..until the family decided to get Homer!!!


Henri was devastated!!!  The family had not only brought Homer home, but Homer was from the Animal Rescue Society , and was a mutt of the worst kind:  part Beagle, part Spaniel and part Pug.  How could Henri, with his breeding, have anything in common with Homer? What was the family thinking?   Homer was also small, was white, and barked at Henri.  Henri knew what he had to do.  He would face the wall, and therefore, Homer would not see him and bother him.  Henri just wished he would go away.

Sadie liked Homer.  His sister was actually playing with Homer. How could this be?  Sadie had the same breeding as Henri, and Sadie liked this mutt? This was not right!  This was not the way it was suppose to be.

One day when Henri was nosing his ball, and it ran down the hill to the gate, Homer ran after it and brought it back to Henri.  Ummm….Henri tried it one more time.  Again Homer ran after the ball and brought it back to Henri.  Henri then decided that he would now allow Homer to fetch his ball.  It even was fun!  Soon Henri and Homer were playing together.  Henri had not meant to acknowledge Homer, but he would be alone if he did not join Sadie and Homer. Soon they were all playing together, and even sleeping together.


Henri learned a lesson. Henri learned that all living creatures have something that is unique.  He had his breeding, but it no longer mattered to Henri. Henri learned to accept Homer for what Homer was.  Homer was a special creature, though different from him in so many ways, but God had given Homer a playful spirit, and kind and loving ways. Henri learned to love Homer, and was thankful that Homer had come into his life.Henry 004





It has been a long summer for Henri, Sadie, and Homer.  They have been enjoying being out doors, and relaxing.  At least, most of the time.

Good girl Sadie is feeling much better.  She is actually getting more lively every day.  She even ventured out one night to catch a rodent with the cat!!  However, no one was pleased by this, having to fetch her at 2 a.m. in the morning.  But all in all, Sadie continues to be sweet, and the peace maker of the threesome.

Henri has been enjoying the pool.  Of the three, he is the only one that goes down the three steps and sits.  Sometimes Randy, his friend, will go in the pool with him.  These are very special times.  Randy will throw Henri’s blue ball (which, incidentally, Henri stole from a neighbor when he was little, and has never returned it), and Henri will swim to retrieve it.  Back and forth much of the afternoon.  He never tires of this fun activity.  Sadie and Homer lie nearby and there is no telling what they are thinking!!!  They have no desire to join in.

DSCF0009 DSC02761

19 Comments on “Children’s Story

  1. I absolutley love this story and the message behind it!!! The best is Homer fetching the ball for Henry!! Great story!!!!

  2. This is such a wonderful story. Henri is very lucky to have not only his furry family, but also his human family and friends. Wendy did an amazing job at capturing the personalities in her story.

  3. Wendy has written a great story! There was never a doubt but that the story would have a happy ending. The couple who adopted these wonderful dogs show, every day and in every way, that love and understanding are the traits that gain friends and happiness!

  4. Yes, I remember the day Pauline and I went to get Henry. The “puppy” took up my whole lap! What a wonderful story for children as well as adults! We are indeed all special in our own way, no matter what our physical appearance might be. I agree, this story should be published and use the same pictures! Wendy, how very talented you are!

  5. Oh what a wonderful story…..As I know Henri & Sadie, and have heard about their introductions to the family…..I know Homer is one of the luckiest “fur-people” in the whole wide world!

  6. Lovely story! Congratulations to Wendy and all the furry and human family that inspired it. Very well done, all!

  7. What a great story of Henri. Wendy did such a great job and the pictures are so cute.

  8. Oooo such a cute story and pics! Love the last one with the blue ball.

  9. Gosh Grandmum that was a great story. Had you included me in one of the starring roles it would have been worthy of a Pulitzer.

    Your Grandaughter,


    (2 year old West Highland Terrier)

  10. What heart-warming and wonderful story for children and dog lovers of all ages. Thanks for sharing it will us. 😀

  11. What a great story! It hits a special place in my heart ’cause my mom had a bull mastiff, Reiki. They are beautiful dogs. And Homer! What a very cute dog…how lucky he is to have a new home.

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