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Eye of Newt needs your VOTE

A group I belong to Lampwork Etc. Street Team are having our monthy challenge and this month it’s a Halloween theme. So stop in and vote …OOh did I say “Vote for me” ? Ok, you can vote for your favorite. : )  Vote Deadline Sept 30, 2008

When you are at our site  stop in and check out the member’s  LEST Street Team Etsy Shops talented lampwork artist with amazing beads for sale.  OOh did I tell you I’m PaulaNC.  : ))  I know I’m shamelsee

I can’t stop myself I know I should be doing fall beads but I love making these pups.

Fun Orange Kitty

Anabel one of my favorite sets that I made over the weekend.

Anabel one of my favorite sets that I made over the weekend.

I’m always complaining that Henry is a very needy dog. But today he is not feeling good, he has an upset stomach. Doesn’t want to play ball or even be with his Mom while at the torch today. Hopefully the medicine will help him and he can be his normal pain in the butt. I miss the drool following me around….geee did I say that.

Cicada Invasion


Well, I think it is a Cicada. The past few evenings the lighting bugs and sounds of the Cicada is our evening entertainment.

Spectacular sunset last night.

The smoke is starting to clear, I found out today that the fire was much larger then I had first heard 225 acres started by a lighting strike last week. The news said the fire is contained but we still see the helicopters taking buckets of water from the lake. What we really need is a few days/weeks of rain.

Summer Heat

While going for our walk yesterday afternoon I took this picture of the smoked filled gorge it made for an unusual sunset picture. Lighting struck close to Chimney Rock State Park earlier in the week and caused a small forest fire. The fire helicopters have been picking up large buckets of water from Lake Lure to put out the fire.