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Where is Henry?


Could not find Henry which is unusual after calling and checking out all the dog beds I happen to see him having a morning nap in our bed….which is a BIG NO NO!

What has been keeping me busy the past few days.

Weiner Dogs

 I’ve had people asking for Daschunds this is my first attempt at them along with a Boston Terrier that needs some improvement.

Hot Dog

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Life on the island is pretty good. Henry sitting on the steps of the pool taking a break after his morning walk.

Fun Bunch

These guys were so much fun to make,
I enjoy seeing their expression come to life.

We were inside for this show I think I like our outside set up better. Being inside we were not able to do demos and I really think that helps catch people’s attention. I had a good time sales could have been better  Saturday was poor and Sunday was worse…..I was either eating or shopping. : ) there went the profits. I met a lot of nice people and learned a lot about shows from setting up to where to have them and where not to.

Snap, Crackle, Pop

All packed & ready for the show.

Mountain Artisan’s “Summertime” Art and Craft Show. 

Sweet childish days that were as long, as twenty days are now.  ~ William Wordworth

I saw that quote and I remember those days. I can’t believe how fast my days go into months and then into seasons. Somehow we need to slow time down, but how do we do that?

Bad Storm

We had unbelievable storm yesterday afternoon I think we had a micro burst hit the island we lost a lot of tree tops, power over night, and a big mess in the yard. Worst of all Craig’s grill did not fair well…kinda rolled down the hill.