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Happy Earth Day

Cool Days, Warm Sun

Happy Anniversary Katie

We rescued Kate one year ago with the help of American Bullmastiff Rescue.  She came to us weak and thin from a long battle with kennel cough and needed a lot of love.  She did not know what… Read More

They are always entertaining…

No respect for the big guy.

Best of Friends

Not sure who is smitten with who.

In spirit she is still with us.

A dear friend Randy gave us a knock out rose bush in memory of Sadie. Our 10 year old Bullmastiff who passed away in April of cancer. We planted the rose bush by the studio where Sadie use… Read More

Meet Katie

Meet Katie she our 9 months old rescue Bullmastiff.  She has been a pretty sick little girl dropped off with her mother, sister and brother at a shelter in Alabama,  she  had kennel cough that turned into pneumonia…. Read More

Sadie, Sissy, Sweet Pea, so sweet you were.

If you follow my blog you know Sadie was diagnosed last summer with cancer. This past week I could see Sadie did not care for the joys in her life, it was becoming too much of an effort…. Read More

Who’s your buddy?

We got Homer last summer when Sadie got diagnosed with cancer. We figured Homer and Henry would buddy up and the loss of Sadie would not be so hard on Henry. Well, that was our plans but as… Read More

Are you looking for me?

No better place to be on a cold, snowy winter day.