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Dreams of running in the Iditarod

Custom Handmade tag Iditarod Dreams available on my website or Etsy shop.

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Pretty Please

I promise if I can go outside today I will not eat, rocks, mulch, sticks, bushes or trees….really I promise!

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Do you have a Love Bucket at home?

Another special request tag. To see this tag and others that are available go to

Another Monday Morning

But I don’t want to get off the couch and go to work today. Brody goes to work with us every day, well except for this morning. 😉

Teacher Of The Year

Interview with

Go to and you can win an online gift certificate that can be used on my website or Etsy shop. Contest details at

Someone was playing in the snow.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Busy day in the shop.

            WOWZER, with a lot of help from my elves we got these all shipped today