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Litter of Jack Russels

You can still get the pick of the litter at my Esty Shop.

Boring – Wordless Wednesday

Big Girls Wear Pink

He can be a sweetie!

New member of the family – Meet Homer

It’s only been two days but we can tell size does not matter. Homer the new member of our family weights 33 pounds and already is being the alfa dog. Henry is a English Mastiff and known to… Read More

Board nothing to do :-(

Wordless Wednesday Weekly Pet Photo

                        The Kiss      

He just wants to be a lap dog.

           Henry has no idea of  his size and does not understand why he can’t sit on your lap.  He is a whole lot of dog to love.

Jack and his little brother Bob

                    Jack and his little brother Bob along with a lot of their friends can be see at my Esty shop. Island Top Glass Art

Mastiff or Pug?

Some one requested a Pandora Pug bead.  I have always loved Pugs they have a big dog attitude in a little body.  I told Craig that one day I would own a little dog, maybe even a Pug….he… Read More

Growing up with Henry

Collage of Henry from 8 weeks to his completion of  basic training class when he was a year old.

Loveable Bud

  It’s funny, I know I did not like they way they were but I kept doing the same thing over and over. I’ve been working on my dogs snoot and eyes and I think I had a… Read More