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Gorgeous day on the island

Can’t believe we had a 40 degree weather change in 24 hours. I torched today with the doors open, played outside with Henry in a t-shirt and Ruby took a walk. While I was at the torch I… Read More

How can you tell if you puppy is to big?

Merry Christmas

Dog Days of Summer.

    Henry has figured out that there is a built in seat in the pool. Sorry Craig you will have to find a new place.

Henry and his Mom having fun.

Henry knows it time for a swim when he gets his life jacket on. Henry’s bestest friend Randy   Nothing better then watermelon on a hot day.   Who cares about swimming and watermelon.  

Life is Good

 Life on the island is pretty good if you are a Mastiff Sadie looking pretty and Henry after a hard day of playing.