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Big Beak Bird Toys

Ruby loves her new toy from Big Beak Bird Toys

Wonderful New Year Ahead of Us

Craig, myself and all our furbabies would like to thank you all for your support. Wishing you all a very beautiful New Year 2012!  

Dirty Bird – Wordless Wednesday

Ruby – Wordless Wednesday

Gorgeous day on the island

Can’t believe we had a 40 degree weather change in 24 hours. I torched today with the doors open, played outside with Henry in a t-shirt and Ruby took a walk. While I was at the torch I… Read More

Polly the Parrot

I guess Polly was inspired by Ruby my studio partner. We’ve had Ruby for at least 25 years she is my bird and really not very fond of Craig. I have to say the feeling is mutual between… Read More