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What’s wrong with this picture?

Could it be Henry’s Bed?

No respect for the big guy.

Meet Katie

Meet Katie she our 9 months old rescue Bullmastiff.  She has been a pretty sick little girl dropped off with her mother, sister and brother at a shelter in Alabama,  she  had kennel cough that turned into pneumonia…. Read More

The best way to de-stress.

Play’n in the Creek

Tis The Season

Hope  everyone had a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Cheerful, Healthy and Wonderful New Year! A few pictures of my pups enjoying Christmas Sadie and Homer showing off her Christmas bow. Homer wanting to rib off… Read More

Happy Birthday Henry!!

You will always be my big baby. Henry 3 years old today!

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Buds – Wordless Wednesday

Hey, be careful I’m back here!!!

Everybody loves to sit on Dad’s lap.

Relaxing on a Sunday morning.

Homer and Henry had a fun fill day yesterday and just need a little extra rest and relaxation this morning.

What did you do this weekend?