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Summer’s End

Lake Lure – Wordless Wednesday

New member of the family – Meet Homer

It’s only been two days but we can tell size does not matter. Homer the new member of our family weights 33 pounds and already is being the alfa dog. Henry is a English Mastiff and known to… Read More

Wordless Wednesday

Gone to the dogs!


Wordless Wednesday Weekly Pet Photo

Out of the storm comes a rainbow.

I was invited to a party on Saturday and sitting home on a rainy day not really wanting to go,  I grumbled and mumbled my way to the party.  Once there I had a good time with some… Read More

Fire on the Mountain in Asheville, NC

WOW…my first workshop was with Brad Pearson and Trey Cornette. It was an over whelming experience. The Fire on the Mountain workshop was hosted by Marjorie Langston and Terry Hale and was at A Touch of Glass in Asheville, NC…. Read More

Snow in the mountains.

We’ve had a cold winter but this is our first snow in our area.

Gorgeous day on the island

Can’t believe we had a 40 degree weather change in 24 hours. I torched today with the doors open, played outside with Henry in a t-shirt and Ruby took a walk. While I was at the torch I… Read More

Fireboat on Lake Lure

WOW that is a lot of water coming from the fireboat. It was a nice day and the fireman where out on the lake, I guess making sure everything was working correctly. Soon the mountains will be green,… Read More

Quiet Times

The lake was like a mirror this morning. We who live at Lake Lure full time enjoy the quiet after the holidays when everyone returns to their real jobs and lives.  Lake Lure, NC is a wonderful resort town… Read More