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Cool Days, Warm Sun

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats

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Outdoor Enthusiast

It is needless to say, I love dog’s and their stories

One of the things I enjoy are the stories and picture I get from my customers about there pets. Here is a picture of Bunny now 6 years old and her chubby baby picture.                                                                        Bunny had an accident in… Read More

Make’em Big

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No respect for the big guy.

Best of Friends

Not to worry Tony is home safe and sound.

So many were worried that Tony did not get off the roof.

Relaxing on a Sunday morning.

Homer and Henry had a fun fill day yesterday and just need a little extra rest and relaxation this morning.

Jack and his little brother Bob

                    Jack and his little brother Bob along with a lot of their friends can be see at my Esty shop. Island Top Glass Art